Willow Pond Farm

Willow Pond Farm is located in the Catawba Valley region in western Virginia.  We were formed in April of 2014 in part to share our love of local foods with our neighbors.  Willow Pond Farm takes its name from all things -- a willow tree on an island of a small pond.

Willow Pond Farm is owned and operated by Stephanie Craig.  Stephanie is the proud mother of 5 wonderful children.  As a mother and a homemaker, she has learned the most difficult lessons of managing the activities of a busy household.  Her husband, Ron, is an IT worker for a large financial company who spends his free time managing farm chores and other various project, such as repairing the tractors which are inevitably broken.

The guiding principles for Willow Pond Farm are Simple, Fresh, and Local.  In keeping with these principles, we strive to doing things simply.  We resist the urges of Big Agra to scale up to a mass production model.  We like it slow, slow is good.  We also seek to provide products to the customer that are fresh and made from fresh ingredients.  A linchpin of the whole philosophy is to keep it local.  We always try to find local sources for our customers.  We use local mills for our animal feed.  We purchase materials from local merchants whenever possible, so to keep the money "local" instead of supporting Chinese companies.

As we have just started , we are ramping up our production lines.  Currently, we offer our baked goods in the Botetourt area. Look for us at the farmers markets in the spring-fall! Be sure to check us out at :

Angelle's Diner